The Food Banks in Utrecht focus on people in Utrecht who live at the social minimum and are in financial need. To be able to participate in the food bank, apply specific income requirements.

The allocation of food parcels is based on the disposable income that is left on a monthly basis (for food and clothing), as well as gas and water / light and insurance have been paid. We look at each personal situation.

If there is less leftover per month, the family is eligible for a food package. The extended version of the assessment criteria are listed separately on this website.


 Minder dan:

 € 215         voor  één volwassene


 € 75           per persoon (zie tabel



The Food Banks in Utrecht offer emergency aid in the form of free food. Social legal support is also offered. Every week, free food packages are distributed from various distribution points in Utrecht. The content of the packages varies per week, depending on the suppliers’ offer. The delivery points are also served by volunteers from the neighborhood. Time and attention for the participants are central points in the approach of the volunteers. Volunteers serve coffee and tea, there is time and space for a chat.

The packages must be picked up within the opening hours of the relevant issue point. Periodically, it is checked if the help is still necessary.

You can register directly and by anyone. You can make an appointment by telephone with the coordinators or one of the 9 distribution points.

The condition for registration is that insight is provided into the financial housekeeping. This is done through home visits or during office hours at a number of distribution points.